Geoff Donaghy Talks to BETV About The New ICC

Geoff Donaghy, Group Director of Convention Centres at AEG Ogden talk to BETV about the latest ICC developments.

“Even at this early staff as appointed operators we at AEG Ogden have been absolutely heartened by the excitement and the interest that’s been generated.”

This year, AEG Ogden are working closely with Business Events Sydney to get the word out that there’s a whole new facility, the International Convention Centre (ICC) but also a whole new precinct, Darling Harbour Live. This will really put Sydney back on the world map as Australia’s leading global city.

The existing Sydney Entertainment Centre will be retained for up to two years and will continue to operate as a concert venue whilst the International Convention Centre is under construction. This will leave a very small gap between when the Sydney Entertainment Centre closes and when the new 8000 seat theatre which forms part of the International Convention Centre opens. This ensures downtown Sydney does not miss out on major concerts.

In regards to overseas interest, AEG Ogden are rolling out initial announcements about the ICC project, AEG Ogden’s involvement. There has been enormous interest across Australia but also strong interest internationally, even at this very early stage.

AEG Ogden run venues all around the world. They have 17 venues globally, seven in Australia, Asia and the Middle-East and over 100 with the AEG partners in Europe and North America. With a number of openings under their belt, AEG Ogden have an experienced team and a well tested process meaning they have the knowledge and the skills to complete the project. Their involvement removes a lot of the risk in people’s minds in regards to opening times, professionalism and functionality from day one. This has given the international market a high degree of confidence, even at this early stage.