Australian Events Academy Launch

Launch of the Australian Events Academy held at the SMC Conference & Function Centre, Sydney on 21st February 2013


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The AEA is a new company and Registered Training Organisation dedicated to industry education and training specifically designed for the events industry by the events industry.

At the launch of the AEA in Sydney on 21st February Linda Gaunt (CEO MEA) highlighted the need for education and training in the events industry.

“The industry will find itself in a skill shortage. It is our responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

AEA is about sharing, educating and getting passionate about the events industry future. Whilst many changes have occurred over the years; both financial and re-structuring but passion and knowledge has not been taken away.

Simon Baggs asserts that as the World gets more complicated, the industry need more qualified people looking after the essentials behind the events.
“Events must be done well, by informed people. There is a shortage of skilled people. We want to hire event producers who have the right level of qualifications and experience. This must be addressed for the future of the events industry.”

MEA has made AEA happen. MEA is the RTO whilst AEA is the education body which is reflected in RTO so they are very closely related. MEA is involved in the industry at such a high level which gives AEA the opportunity to promote education from the industry to the industry.

Ruth Lilian (OAM) made note of how far MEA, AEA and the events industry had come,

“We had no industry and now we employ more people per capita throughout the different stream of industry than any other.”

AEA will be run by people who know what the events industry is about. They’re the people that do it everyday, they’re the people that are advising on what needs to be taught, how it needs to be taught and where it needs to be taught. It’s an events academy by events people for people who are already working in the industry but who need to know how to make it work better for them.

David Briggs,
“We had to come up with the right solution but there is no road map to do this, we are doing it for the first time. We had to look at other people’s learnings, we had to bring all experiences into account to get this right for the first time.”

MEA is gaining a larger percentage of the market with more and more corporates joining as members, which didn’t happen in the past. They are the sector that will really benefit from the skills and education.

Tony Chalmers (SMC Sales & Marketing Manager),

“I have the opportunity to make it more affordable, more at reach, and hopefully companies, organisations and affiliations will step in and go, “Now, because of this, we have an opportunity to put one or two or more into a process of learning and bettering themselves.”