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For the international business events community.

BETV is the global marketplace for the business events industry, providing a source for topical news and a global media publication and marketplace. You’ll find relevant information covering:

The Internet is a noisy place. Business people belong to the most distracted generation in history. Business Events TV.com.au creates and distributes targeted content that cuts through the noise and attracts the attention of your audience.

Business opportunity

Online video is colossal and it’s continuing to propagate the Internet. Just a few of the statistics you’ll find hard to ignore:

  • Approximately 340,000 years’ worth of online video is watched every day.
  • Having a video on the landing page of your website makes it 53% more likely to show up on the first page of a Google search.
  • By 2014 90% of online web traffic will be video.

Company impact

Business events play a valuable role in attracting visitors to Australia – nearly three quarters of international business visitors would not have come to Australia were it not for the event they were attending.

Business Events TV.com.au is an innovative online TV experience that keeps users engaged with updated content from a wide variety of business news. We source pertinent industry material, capturing exclusive and relevant footage from the week’s activities and delivering intriguing content to national and international, corporate and commercial users.

Through our channels and allegiance with industry partners we deliver our content across the planet, therefore achieving higher return on investment for our marketing clients alongside greater stimulus for our audience.

Company strategy

Our cohesive multimedia platform expands the opportunity to market and promote a venue, service or event to global and local communities.

Whether you are an industry leader, event planner or supplier Business Events TV.com.au will join forces with you to proffer an engaging video and advertising campaign hosted on our international platform, amalgamating news, articles, videos and more, and testifying to the capacity of all participators as global, national, or local sources of inspiration and affiliation.

Why Are We Different?

Business Events TV.com.au harnesses the power of online video to deliver dynamic content across our channels which cover everything from conferences to destination spotlights, video listings to global news.

A 9000+ strong Business Events TV database allows you to make valuable connections with potential clients.

With our focused and topical social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and LinkedIn we are able to deliver your message to an industry relevant audience, generating exposure, driving business and building loyalty and engagement.

Let’s Work Together

With our proven history of conducting highly successful video campaigns we will generate high ranking Google results through uploads, embedding, tagging and distribution.

See more, say more and make the right decision.  If you’d like to communicate with existing customers, reach new people, drive sales and increase brand exposure using the combined power of advertising, sponsorship, social media and online video contact Business Events TV today.

To advertise with us, drop us a line at sales@businesseventstv.com.au
or give us a call on +612 9560 4111.