27 Successful People Reveal The Things They Can’t Live Without

Betty Liu
You can learn a lot about someone depending on what’s in their bag, or what they leave out.

A huge chunk of successful executives’ lives is spent travelling, in meetings, and trying to keep track of a massive list of priorities, so they have refined what they carry and how they work into an art.

LinkedIn asked 50+ of its influencers to name the “secret weapons” that they simply can’t work without.

Richard Branson would be lost without his personal assistant, Helen. Asana co-founder Justin Rosenstein relies on pen and paper for big ideas and the satisfaction of physically ripping up discarded plans. And the Samsung vs. Apple battle rages all the way at the top, with devotees of both the Galaxy Note, iPad, and everything in between.

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Source: http://au.businessinsider.com/what-successful-people-carry-every-day-2013-4#richard-bransons-assistant-is-his-extra-memory-1